Jan 232013
pf button both CMeD: Unboxing Toshiba Satellite R850

Testbericht: www.cyberbloc.de Ausgepackt und vorgestellt: mattes 15″ Notebook Toshiba Satellite R850 mit Intel i5-2410M Prozessor und Wireless Display-Technologie, HD3000 Grafik, 500GB Festplatte, WLAN N, USB 3.0, und und und…
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  3 Antworten zu “CMeD: Unboxing Toshiba Satellite R850”

  1. it was just a testsample, so i hardly remember…anyway, regularly I don´t (and no one serious does) recommend ANY Notebook because of its speakers, they´re just not built for such purposes.
    Soundcard, as I remember, was any standard, but you can find it in the specs when you klick the link above (no affiliate, just a blogarticle).

  2. whats sound quality on the speakers? do you recommend it for buying?

  3. wie viel kostet der laptop

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